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Database For California Arrest Records

The arrest records California generates are documentations of people who have been the enemy of the law. This is an open document which means that a California resident can access the files anytime they need it. By letting the public access it, the government aims to promote awareness and increase the security of the people.

There are several reasons why the residents of California request for a copy of an arrest record. It is one of the primary sources of information when a background check is conducted. Employers would look into the arrest records of their people to make sure that they have clean history. With this, they can prevent damages and problems in the workplace. Ordinary residents of the state also check on the people they talk to daily such as neighbors, tutors, babysitters, friends and even relatives. By doing so, they can feel safe and secure in their surroundings. Investigators and authorities also refer to this document during the investigation of a criminal case.


Details about the arrest are the focus of such document. One would know the name of the arrested individual as well as his/her birth details. The recent address of the individual in California Arrest Records Search question can also be found on the record. Offenses and violations are indicated on the file. The charges filed against the person and the sentence that was given is detailed on the record.

The arrest records in the state of California are kept confidential until there is no need for further investigation and case has been closed. The Public Records office of California is where the arrest files are archived. A mail request can be sent to this office to get accurate results. Requesting it Database For California Arrest Records directly at the office is possible but the accuracy may be sacrificed. It is best to have the necessary information about the record that is being requested ready. This can help hasten the search process as well as avoid complications in the retrieval. Once the information and requirements are provided, a 10 days wait time is needed. It can sometimes extend up to 14 days depending on the information given during the application process.

Since the number of arrest records stored in the Public Records Section of California is increasing, retrieval of such documents is becoming more tedious and time consuming. This can image still be avoided. One can save time when the record is obtained through the Internet. California has implemented an online retrieval system that helps hasten the process and can eventually minimize, if not prevent, loss of data.

California public criminal records can now be obtained with the help of the Internet. This had made the retrieval process easier than before. It helps one to save time and energy since the record can be obtained even without leaving home. Individuals can choose between a free search and a paid search. Many would go for a paid search because they are sure that the information they get from it is correct and accurate unlike the results of a free search.
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